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Passive Income From Surveys

How to Make Passive Income From Surveys and Survey Apps

The idea of collecting passive income is appealing to pretty much everyone. Earning rewards without having to actively participate in something sounds like a dream come true, but there can be strings attached. Are passive income programs really worth it?

Internet meters

Internet meters are apps that gather data anonymously, while the user uses the app. Patters are observed and information collected is aggregated with other user’s data. These apps can often be installed on multiple devices (such as phones, tablets and desktops), and should not interfere with the functionality of the device.


  • Can be pretty lucrative, especially if you associate multiple devices to the same program
  • Very passive; little if any user input required for ongoing participation
  • The programs themselves are typically very easy to install on your devices


  • Some users report problems taking surveys through other survey sites, as it may appear that you are using a VPN or proxy
  • Even though your data is anonymized, it might feel strange having your information monitored

Providers: SavvyConnect, MobileXpression, Computer and Mobile Panel

Purchasing data apps

These types of apps sync with a third party account such as Amazon, and aggregates your purchasing habit information with other users. These typically require a simple, one-time setup.


  • Truly passive; set up is simple and data syncing is done automatically


  • Can’t pick and choose what purchasing data you share

Providers: ShopTracker

Web browser add-ons

Web browser add-ons such as toolbars and plug-ins are offered by some online survey panels as an additional way for their members to earn rewards.

These add-ons can have both active and passive features: notifications of new online surveys, easy account access, and like internet meters, some monitor browser habits, where the data is then aggregated with other users. These are easily installable and should have no/minimal interference with web browsing.


  • Easy installation, straightforward to use
  • Runs in background; should not interfere with web browsing
  • Bonus: Some connect with your survey panel account, which will notify you when new surveys are available


  • Can slow web browser down, especially if other plugins are installed
  • Browsing habits (ex. preferred search engine, preferred news source, etc.) are monitored

Providers: OpinionSquare

GPT site options: video watching

Although watching videos on Get-Paid-To (GPT) websites might require a minimal level of engagement, watching videos on GPT sites is probably the most passive way to earn points on these types of websites.

Although not ‘survey sites’ per se, GPT programs host online surveys supplied by survey routers which are provided by survey panels. Taking surveys is only one way of earning on these websites; watching videos, completing offers, and performing micro tasks are also ways to rack up points.

Virtually all GPT sites contain a ‘Video Wall’ section. You can watch these at any time, and it’s not unlike watching tv: simply select the category you’re most interested in (food, sports, movie trailers, home and garden, etc.) and the videos will play. The videos themselves contain ads, but the number that you are allowed to watch is seldom capped, as you can typically watch as many videos that are available to you, as you want.


  • Easy to do – minimal effort required
  • Some videos are interesting and are worth watching
  • Can watch as many videos as you want (at any given time, hundreds can be available)
  • Some sites offer weekly bonuses for watching large quantities of videos


  • Adblockers don’t work with video walls
  • Can take a while to earn a significant number of points

Providers: PrizeRebel, Swagbucks, InstaGC

How much can you make with passive income survey programs?

As with most online programs, the amount you can make will ultimately depend on your level of participation.

For instance, SavvyConnect advertises earning up to $60 if you connect your phone, desktop and tablet to the program, ShopTracker offers a $3 joining bonus awarded within 48 hours of registering, and MobileXpression offers a $5 Amazon e-card to USA users after one week. Even though some programs may, on the surface, offer better rewards than others, it’s best to fully investigate which passive income programs fit you best.

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